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  • Champion Analysis Week 4

    lol-thumb-week4 The Revered Inventor, Heimerdinger
    dota-thumb-week4 Boush, Tinker
    Technological advances are essential for production, as well as for military applications. From the blunt weapons of the Ice Age to the invention of gunpowder, the progress of civilisation has always been in close relation to war. Without war, technology might not progressed as fast as it did. This week, we will take a look at two champions who are the epitome of technology at its finest. Will the esteemed inventor of Valoran or the goblin engineer of Azeroth prove supreme? Stay tuned!
  • Champion Analysis Week 3

    lol-thumb-week3 The Blood Hunter, Warwick
    dota-thumb-week3 Bloodseeker, Strygwyr
    Blood will always flow in the course of carnage and massacre. Ever since the peace of Valoran broke, the strife of war has been incessant. On the fields of battle, Warwick, who has an acute sense for blood, moves in on incapacitated victims from miles away and delivers the fatal blow. Champion analysis Week 3 will use "Blood" as the common theme, and analyse LoL's Warwick and DotA's Strygwyr. Both characters are led and fed by blood and have high damage potential. Who will emerge victorious?
  • Champion Analysis Week 2

    lol-thumb-week2 Amumu, The Sad Mummy
    dota-thumb-week2 Clockwerk Goblin, Rattletrap
    These two adorable characters do not give players the impression that they are strong gankers. And it is because of their meager size that they are able to sneak up from your blind spot... waiting for the chance to enter the battle and unleash torrents of pain upon their opponents...
  • Champion Analysis Week 1

    lol-thumb-week1 Ashe, The Frost Archer
    dota-thumb-week1 Mirana, Priestess of the Moon
    Death is like an arrow that is already in flight. In League of Legends and DotA, there are two goddesses of archery. Ashe, the first League champion that new players will no doubt be familiar with and Mirana(PotM), the frequently seen DotA hero. Due to the similarity in their core abilities, and because these two gorgeous characters are favourites in their respective games, the first week of champion analysis shall be dedicated to them...