Rent a skin with IP? Visit LoL Online Store!

Rent a skin with IP? Visit LoL Online Store!

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Ever felt that sudden urge to get a skin that looked OH-SO-GOOD in the store but didn't know for sure if you'd like how it looks in game? With the introduction of the Web Store, your wishes have just been granted! The Web Store will grant you a unique shopping with the ability to RENT skins using your Influence Point (IP) earned by simply playing League of Legends.


LoL Online Store Available Period:
Start: 5/12/2013 (Thursday), 11:00AM
End: 31/12/2013 (Tuesday), 11:00AM

Web Store: [[ Click Here to Enter ]]

*Note: The Web Store is currently in testing stages and is subject to changes in the future.*

Why you should use the League of Legends Web Store?

Use IP to Rent Skins
With just Influence Points, you can rent a skin for SEVEN days! Doesn't matter if you just feel like trying out a new skin or testing it out before purchasing, this is a great way to look and feel different!

How to Use the Web Store

  1. Only skins are available on the Web Store. Champions and other in-game items are not.
  2. You may only rent skins of champions you own.
  3. Skins that are unavailable in the in-game shop will also be unavailable on the Web Store.
  4. Skins rented or bought on the Web Store are not eligible for refund. Please think carefully before making any rental or purchase.
  5. The rental period for skins is 7 days, starting from the moment the rental is confirmed.
  6. After a skin rental period begins, the skin will not be available for rent again for 30 days.
  7. Within the 7-day rental period, rented skins can still be purchased as per normal. However, IPs spent on renting the skin will not be refunded.
  8. All new skins will only be available on the Web Store 6 months after they are officially released in the Garena League of Legends in-game client.
  9. Skins available on the Web Store are updated regularly on the first day of every month. Do check back here every month for new skins to rent or purchase!

Important Notices

  1. The TPA skins (Shen, Orianna, Nunu, Ezreal and Mundo) will not be included in the Web Store.
  2. For related News and Events/ Activities as well as changes to the Web Store, please visit the official Garena League of Legends website.
  3. There may be unforeseen circumstances where events/ activities might be delayed or cancelled.
  4. Garena Online Pte. Ltd. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event or the rules without prior notice.



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