SGS: Thank You for Supporting Us

Written by Hammy ♥


Good day Summoners,

I've realised that I can always be thankful for one thing to depend on, the community (which basically means you), in times of need.

Whenever the team is low on morale and requires a quick “pick me up”, I’ll always urge them to read the comments on our Facebook page ( The heartfelt words of support and encouragement always give me strength.

Just a short example of what I mean:

I want SGS to win the GPL because they put in a lot of effort into the games! They deserve to win!
- iJericho

(SGS) They always give their best just to beat the rest. Their teamwork is extraordinary.

An ardent supporter of a team hailing from my own nation. I hope they will bring pride and glory to Singapore. SGS has also performed extraordinarily well and have won matches after matches. Even when losing, they persevere and fight to the very last moment without signs of frustration or desperation.
- Coconuttree

Sometimes, it’s the strength to go on that makes the difference between life and death – okay, maybe not that serious, but winning and losing. To some, it’s almost the same thing.

I’m sure that most of you would have caught the game against the Taipei Assassins (TPA) last night by now, and might be wondering how the Singapore Sentinels are feeling after the game.

We’re doing fine and we must thank TPA for showing us where we are lacking and what we sorely need to improve on. Credit must go to them for keeping their cool even after giving away the first two kills of the game and maintaining the gold difference. I have to admit that at the current moment, their teamwork is probably better than ours.

That does not mean that we aren’t working hard on improving and getting better! From now on, our focus will be on teamwork and bonding. We still have some strategies up our sleeves!

I can promise you one thing, which is that the Singapore Sentinels will only get better and better, day by day. Do continue to give us your support as we face tougher challenges ahead in the IPL Faceoff: San Francisco and Season 2 Qualifiers.

Thank you for everything.

SGS Manager


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