[UPDATE] Keep Calm and Be Nice Campaign - Stage 1 (25/8-23/9)

**UPDATE (19 Sept 2012)


Here's a quickie update, Summoners. Good job everyone! As of now, about 95% of our community has fulfilled the less than 5 reports criteria! Keep up the good work! It's now less than a week before we conclude stage 1 of the  "Keep Calm and Be Nice" campaign. Stay tuned for stage 2! 


And don't forget, if you have a story to share about a great play you've had in League of Legends recently - whether it's your teammates banding together to make an epic comeback, or someone who encouraged you and helped you get back into the flow of things when you were feeding at the beginning - we want to hear your stories!! Share with us here


- Jiasimin


Dear Summoners,

As players ourselves, we too have many days when we just feel like unleashing the rage. But in the words of Jacques Rogge, “Your achievement is not measured by how you win, but by how you compete.” All of us have a part to play in making the community a better one, and judging by the results of our previous sportsmanship quest, we’re confident that this community is moving forward.

And as gamers, we know firsthand that the best part of playing games is meeting friends with common interests. In the spirit of professional athletes, give a shoutout to a worthy opponent or the kickass teammates who journeyed with you to a stunning victory; a GLHF or GGWP goes a long way in a game.

With that sentiment in mind, our new motto for the server - and for ourselves - is Keep Calm and Be Nice, from now till December. We’d like everyone to get on board, so we’ll be rewarding players with RP and SKINS for good behaviour. The fewer reports you get for the next several months, the more RP rewards you’ll receive. We hope that everyone can put in that little bit of effort to make this a peaceful and happy community. Check out what’s in store for those who uphold the honour of the Summoner’s Code!

Stage 1 (25/8 - 23/9)
For those summoners who have played at least 30 normal games and received 5 reports or fewer, they will receive 20 RP each! And we will be giving out 300 Vancouver Amumu skins (not for sale!) to those who complete this quest! Please also note that if you misbehave until you get banned within this period, you will not be eligible to win ANY lucky draw, free give-away, forum contest/Livestream prizes!


PS: You will still be able to receive the Vancouver Amumu skin even if you do not have the Amumu champion yet.


PSPS: We will be able to check the reports record from the system so you don't need to do anything other than KEEP CALM AND BE NICE!


*Normal Games refer to all PvP games on Summoner's Rift (Normal & Ranked), Dominion and Twisted Treeline


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