Clan pro Interview

Hello Summoners!

We've just ended the second week of our LoL Clan Tournaments and this week Clan pro took home the championship title. 
Clan pro Roster:

We spoke with clan member iNtrigueD to find out more about how they went on to clinch this week's top spot.

What are some of your thoughts about the weekly LoL Clan Tournament?
I think the weekly clan tournament is very meaningful as it gives teams a chance to play and learn from each other. And of course, winning RP without having to pay a registration fee is awesome.

In case you're wondering about the Clan system and its benefits:

LoL Clan System & Clan Tournament Q&A:

Q: What is the LoL Clan System?
A: The LoL Clan System is an official clan system that utilizes the Garena Clan platform to serve all LoL users who want to create/develop their own LoL Clans. 

Q: How can i create my own LoL Clan now?
A: The Clan system is still currently in the BETA phase, which means only users with BETA KEYs can create their own clans in the system. Garena LoL is still distributing BETA KEYs, find out how to get one here: How To Create A LoL Clan

Q: What is the LoL Clan Tournament?
A: The LoL Clan tournament is LoL's online tournament for all clans members who have successfully created their clans in the LoL Clan system. All clans can fight for the winning title and plenty of awesome prizes. This online tournament will be held every Sunday.

Q: How can my clan join the tournament?
A: If you already created your own clan in our clan system, you can go here to Participate in Clan Tournaments
If you haven't created your clan yet, you can click here to to learn How To Create A LoL Clan
Why did you start playing LoL and what has made you continue?
I started LoL through my friends' intro. LoL is a very fun game with very unique game mechanisms which other games do not have. And of course the consistent patches with new heroes and buffs/nerfs to certain champs to balance the game is the reason why you will not get sick of it.

What advice would you give to clans who want to get better?
The only way to get better in this game is similar to how you would to improve ur grades in school, and that is by practicing. For a team of 5 players to get better together definitely is not as easy task. Each and every member of the team has to put in effort and commit to the team by training together and understanding each other so as to have better team synergy.

What are the main differences between ranked queue and playing in an actual tournament?
The main differences is of course playing with a team of 4 other players who are not your teammates. If you really want a good game, you can only get it in an actual tournament.

What is the best way to train for a tournament?
I think the best way to improve as a team is to keep finding challenges and train with people better than you or at least on par with you. For my team, we believe in having a team review. We will discuss the mistakes we made and how to improve on them so that we will not make the same mistake twice. Even if you are really pissed, try not to rage at the person making mistakes as it will only demoralise him and make his gameplay worse. I know I do rage in solo queue too but try not to in a tournament, especially with your own team 

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