G-Olympics 2012 - Let the Games Begin!

The Olympics have come to Garena! Take your place in Mount Olympus as you battle against other Summoners in League of Legends, Blackshot and Heroes of Newerth to be the best of the best. Check out the events we’ll have running for this Olympics season, which will last from 12:00pm, 27th July 2012, till 12:00pm, 13th August 2012 (All times are in GMT+8).

Now’s the time for TRYHARDIA as you give your best in each game, in the hopes of winning Panda Teemo, Scorched Earth Xerath and Mythic Cassiopeia! Here on the Fields of Justice, it will no longer be the champions that are put to the test, but the Summoners, as you compete in five different categories against other players to set records, or break them. In the spirit of the Olympics, make every game count, and submit your results for a shot at glory. Check out the categories below!

Summoner's Record

Legendary! Most Kills Award
Stop KS-ing Me! Most Assists Award
Minions have Spawned Most Minions Killed Award
All that glitters... Most Gold Earned Award
The Fast and the Furious Fastest Game Award


Submit your results HERE and attach a link to a screenshot of your award-winning games (must be played within the two weeks contest period) for a shot at the prizes.

Important: You will need to upload your picture to an image hosting site. If you are linking from Facebook, right-click the picture and select "Copy Image Location" then paste the URL into the form. If we are unable to access your picture due to privacy settings, the entry will not be considered.

Records will be updated daily at the G-Olympics Sub-forums, so stay updated and keep playing those games! Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 players of each category at the end of the two weeks.

Rules and Regulations


  • Players must be level 10 and above to qualify for the contest.
  • Only normal games will be considered for the contest (No custom games, Co-op vs AI, etc).
  • Games must be played in Summoner's Rift (no Crystal Scar, Proving Grounds, etc).
  • Games must have at least 10 players (5v5).
  • Screenshots must be taken and submitted as proof for applications to be valid.
  • Each screenshot can only be used to join one category; if the same screenshot is used to enter more than one category, we will enter it into one category of our choice
  • Each game must last 1 hour or less to qualify for the contest.
  • If there is a tie, the player with the shorter game duration will win.
  • For the Fastest Game Award, prizes will be given to the winning team of the game.
  • Only games played between 27th July 2012 to 13th August 2012 will be considered for the contest.
  • Summoner's who submit their screenshot for the contest must have their own summoner's name in it.
  • Garena reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Contest or the rules without prior notice, and/or select the winners from the Entries received prior to the implementation of the disruptive action, or as otherwise deemed fair and appropriate by Sponsor.



  • 1st Prize: Panda Teemo, Scorched Earth Xerath, Mythic Cassiopeia
  • 2nd Prize: Scorched Earth Xerath, Mythic Cassiopeia
  • 3rd Prize: Mythic Cassiopeia
  • 4th - 10th Prizes: 10-win IP Boost


Daily Surprises

Mystery prizes will be given out daily to Summoners who meet our requirements for the secret challenge of the day, so cross your fingers and queue for another. You might just be the lucky winner!

Sportsmanship Quests

Summoners who play 10 games (Normal or Ranked) over at least 4 days a week in the duration of the event and receive 3 reports or less for the week will receive 25 RP each.

Garena Prizes

Summoners who reach at least Level 12 in LoL and Level 12 in BlackShot[Sergeant First Class/red] will be rewarded with prizes from both games at the end of the contest!
For LoL, you’ll receive the Ryze, Nunu and Tristana Champions, while BlackShot winners will receive BS: 10,000BP + HK Forest [3days] + SMG Uzi Blood [3days]!

Olympics Celebration Sales

To celebrate 2012 London Olympics, we are also having the SALES & GIVE-OUT on! Check here for the sales details and here for the promotion vote!

Submissions will be accepted from noon today, so start now to put your best foot forward!


Questions? Ask them here!