Tristana's Apple


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away and that’s just one of the many reasons why Tristana loves her apples! More than keeping the doctor away, the month of December promises that these apples can be exchanged for fantastic rewards as you collect them daily. Join Tristana in her quest to redeem as many apples as you can and you’ll see why we’re falling in love with apples too! Let the apple collection begin! 


Event Page:


How to get the apple?

Play at least one normal / ranked game every day to redeem your daily apple


Note: Coop. vs AI and Custom games are not counted.


Event Duration:

December 1st – December 31st


Rules and Regulations:

1) Once you have met the requirements, log in at this page to collect your apple for the day. Please make sure that you collect your apple before 2330 hrs each day. (Please allow 10 minutes after completing your game before you begin the redemption process)

2) If you have not fulfilled your requirement before 2330 hrs each day, you will NOT be able to collect the apple for the day.

3) You can only collect the apple on the day that you’ve fulfilled the requirement.

4) Event rewards can only be exchanged with apples. The apples will be deducted accordingly from your account with each exchange.

5) All daily prizes must be exchanged with apple before the event ends on 31/12/2012, by 2330 hrs


P.S. The more apples you collect, the bigger your rewards!