Redeem Fantastic Merchandise With Your Garena Tokens Today!

Hello Summoners,

Wondering how to get hold of that super-cute Amumu plush toy without spending a single cent? No idea what to do with all your saved up Garena Tokens? The answer is simple; use your Garena Tokens to bring these awesome redeemables back home.

Check out what you can redeem today!

1. What are Garena Tokens (GTs) and how can I get them?
GTs are loyalty points you accumulate whenever you spend at the Garena Stadium. This includes any spending at the following: Garena Cyber Café, Garena Retail Store & Garena Café
For every dollar spent, you will receive ONE GT.

2. How long are Garena Tokens valid for?
GTs are valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation.

More information on the Garena Stadium membership and Garena Tokens can be found at

Come down to the Garena Stadium and sign-up to enjoy membership benefits today!