Garena Plus Password Change Notification

Dear Summoners,
As gamers ourselves, account security is one of our foremost priorities. Due to detection of certain account security issues, we’ve performed an update to Garena Plus.

The latest version of Garena Plus will have a popup window prompting users to modify their passwords if they are detected to be unsafe. This applies to passwords that do not meet the following criteria:

• Contains at least 8 characters
• Contains least two out of four of these categories of characters:
- Lowercase letters (a-z)
- Uppercase letters (A-Z)
- Numerical Digits (0-9)
- Special Characters (ASCII Code between 33 and 126)

While users will be advised to modify their passwords, they can postpone the chance and still use Garena Plus normally until 1st October, 2012. The password changes will be compulsory for these users from that date onwards. If you have received the notification, please take heed and spread the word.

Thank you all!


If you have any questions, do ask them here.