Unlock Your Level Up Rewards Now!

Jolly good day, Summoners!

As some of you may have already noticed, we have upgraded the League of Legends game client! At the top portion of your client there are 4 new buttons:

Click on the "Understand How To Play" button to access our "10 Things You Need To Know as a New LoL Player" infographic! Confused about the game features or what you should do next? Fret not! Our infographic will guide you through the basics such as the gameplay interface, rune, masteries and much more!

Ready to play some matches? Try your hand at our Co-op vs. AI mode, practice against Beginner and Intermediate bots, and earn IP along the way.

When you're truly comfortable with your favourite champions, give Normal games a shot, and you'll be rewarded with more IP and XP than Co-op vs. AI games!

Levelling up has never been easier, with free skins, XP-boosts, IP-boosts to be won on our achievements site - try to collect all the rewards! To access our achievements site, simply click here and you should see this:

Confused about what to do? It's actually pretty simple!

1. Click on any of the icons to login:

2. After logging in, simply follow the instructions and you're done!

It's that simple! Do take note, however, that you may only collect rewards for levels that were gained after the launch date (19th October 2012). Keep playing League of Legends and try to collect as many achievements as you can!


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