Competitive gaming legend, Benedict "hyhy" Lim, joins the Singapore Sentinels. We sit down with him to get the details on why he has decided to come out of retirement and his journey picking up League of Legends.

1. Why did you decide to come out of retirement to join the League of Legends eSports scene?
I’m still able to have time for my other commitments and work while playing this game, and obviously LoL has a very lucrative scene at the moment. 

2. You’ve started playing LoL a little later than other pro players, how are you training to catch up?
The team is actively improving my game knowledge and lane presence, hopefully I can catch up soon.

3. Are there any LoL players that have inspired you so far?
The Legendary Tofuboi.

4. When do you think you’ll be able to go up against the top players in League of Legends?
When I stop fail flashing.

5. What has been the largest obstacle adapting to LoL?
Flashing properly over walls.

6. What impact do you think you will have on the Singapore Sentinels as their newest recruit?
To be honest, it can swing both ways, either SGS destroys all or feeds everyone.

7. What do you like other than gaming? 

8. Why is your favourite food listed as apples on the SGS website
Our manager's name happens to be Apple.

9. Do you have any final words for your fans?
Have a great year ahead everyone.

10. When will you play your first GPL match?
This Saturday against the Bangkok Titans.

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