Smart Ping is here!


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Smart Ping is a radial menu that includes four new alerts you can use to better communicate with your team. Split second communication is a key to success in League of Legends, and with Smart Ping you’ll spend less time typing and more time dominating your opponents. These new pings include:


Enemy Missing thumbnailDanger thumbnailOn My Way thumbnailAssist Me thumbnail


       Enemy Missing            Danger                       On My Way                   Assist me


Each notification has a different graphic, sound and color associated with it so you’ll never be confused about which ping just went out. Both current pings, attack and defend, will remain exactly the same.


To use these pings, hold down the Alt, Ctrl, G, or V keys while clicking to show the new ping overlay. Then, move your mouse in the direction of the ping you want to issue, and release. You can perform this action either on the terrain or the minimap for precision pinging. Once you get a feel for the new system, a quick motion is all you’ll need – the ping UI won’t even appear if you activate your desired ping fast enough.


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Imagine this scenario: you’re playing as Ahri in mid lane and notice that your lane opponent, Malzahar, has gone missing. You quickly issue the Enemy Missing ping so your team can be on guard, followed up with a Danger ping alerting your teammate Twitch in bottom lane to the imminent threat. You issue an Assist Me ping near the jungle to set up for a counter-gank as Malzahar moves past the dragon pit. Twitch responds with an On My Way ping and moves into position, scoring an easy kill for your team, all without typing a single letter.



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