GPL: TPA Reborn

Following the departure of long-time members, Stanley and Toyz, many have questioned the fate of the Azubu Taipei Assassins. This weekend, the Assassins will be reborn as two new members, Jay and Achie, join the team in their debut appearance.

The addition will also mark a stark change in the positions played by the current members of TPA. bebe will make his way to the top lane while Dinter remains at the bottom but as the AD carry for the team. Jay and Achie will take up the Support and Mid-lane roles respectively. Finally, Sarsky retains his role as the jungler.

With such huge changes in their roles and lineup this weekend’s match between the Azubu Taipei Assassins and the Singapore Sentinels will be an even more exciting one.

Tune in from Friday to Saturday, 7pm onwards at!


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