Singapore Sentinels paid an undisclosed amount for Insidious Gaming’s Mid-laner.


11th October 2013, Singapore – The Singapore e-Sports scene has achieved yet another milestone.  The Singapore Sentinels, a leading professional League of Legends (LoL) e-Sports team, has made the first ever e-Sports player transfer in the history of professional gaming in Singapore. The transfer was announced together with the introduction of the Singapore Sentinels latest player roster.

With an unprecedented one-time-payment of an undisclosed sum for the InSidious Gaming mid-lane player, Hoong “Kryonics” Fan Kai will leave his former team and join the Singapore Sentinels starting from Oct 11.

The transfer is reflective of the Singapore Sentinels commitment to find the best players to represent Singapore in regional and international competitions. The move has also set a precedent, and is a big step towards improving the quality of management for eSports players in Singapore.

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New Roster for the Singapore Sentinels


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The Singapore Sentinels (SGS) is the leading League of Legends professional team in Singapore. Carefully handpicked and scouted, SGS members are chosen from the very best in the Singapore to represent our humble but strong gaming scene on the international map. Uniting under the Sentinels flag to pitch talent with ambition, the Sentinels pledge to chase the eSports dreams of their local and international fans. Fully sponsored and formed in May 2012 by Garena, the team has come a long way in making a name for themselves locally, regionally and gaining international recognition.

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