National Day GS-RP Promotion

Dear Summoners,

August is the National Day month for both Singapore and Malaysia. And this August, we can let our national pride fly high as both SG and MY made history in London Olympics with the Bronze medal in Table Tennis and Silver Medal in Badminton! To celebrate these achievements, Garena LoL is going to have a wonderful GS-RP conversion promotion!


Bonus RP:

From 6 Aug to 19 Aug, the GS-RP conversion rate will be at the following promotional rate!

No. of Garena Shells 290 GS 320 GS 500 GS 960 GS 1000 GS 2000 GS 3000 GS
RP Purchase (Normal) 300 RP 330 RP 525 RP 1030 RP 1075 RP 2190 RP 3330 RP
RP Purchase (NEW) 319 RP 355 RP 565 RP 1114 RP 1190 RP 2480 RP 3900 RP

Free Giveaways:
From 6 Aug to 5 Sep, summoners who have purchased a certain amount of RP will receive the following FREE skins!

Purchase 1000 - 1999RP:
Free "The Mighty Jax" skin

Purchase 2000 - 2999RP:
Free "The Mighty Jax" skin + "Team Spirit Anivia" skin

Purchase 3000RP & above:
Free "The Mighty Jax" skin + "Team Spirit Anivia" skin + "Ice Toboggan Corki" skin

As usual, the skins will only be credited to you after the promotion ends on the 5 September. You will receive your skins by 10 September, 2359 hrs.


Will I still get the skin if I don't have the champion?
Yes you will. But you will not be able to use the skin until the you purchased the champion. You will also not be able to use the skin in game even when the champion is on free champion rotation if you do not own the champion.


Must the RP be a one-off purchase?
You can either buy the RP once off or you can accumulate the RP through the month.


Is the bonus RP that I get when I convert my Garena shells counted?
Yes the bonus RP is counted. Eg: If you convert 2 x 960 shells, you get 2060 RP, you will qualify for the 2000 RP reward.


Garena, I have already converted my shells to RP, why is it that I still don't have the skin(s)?
Please note that the skins will NOT be automatically credited into your accounts. All skins will be only credited into your accounts within two working days after the last day of the promotion.


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