A Fiery Suppordle has arrived in the League! (Dragon Trainer Lulu)

Dear Summoners!

Lulu’s proven that big personalities, and big plays, come in small packages. Dragon Trainer Lulu’s got a brand new skin with fiery spell effects that’ll have you tasting purple. Summoners have expressed their love of Pix, so we’ve given Lulu’s BFF (best fae friend) a total makeover, usually reserved for champions. For Dragon Trainer Lulu, we transformed Pix into a whimsical, fire-breathing dragon with all-new, unique animations and emotes that have him dancing, taunting, and laughing alongside his master. Additionally, Dragon Trainer Lulu’s Whimsy will transform her enemies into a helpless baby dragons, still struggling to fully hatch from their eggs.

Dragon Trainer Lulu will only be on sale from 27 Nov, 1200hrs to 28 Nov, 2359hrs @ 355 RP instead of 490 RP!


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