VDAY SPECIAL: Couple Skin Sale!





Yes, it's time of the year once again. 14 February - the curse and bane of singles and even the attached. 


Single or not, Happy Valentine's Day to all you Summoners!! 


To celebrate this lovely day, we did a special poll on Facebook to ask which are the top 3 couple skins you would like to see go on sale at 60% on Valentine's Day you casted your votes...



The top 3 couples are..


1. Foxfire Ahri & Volcanic Wukong

2. Heartseeker Vayne & Mr. Mundoverse

3. Commando Garen & High Command Katarina


These skins will be going at 60% off in the League of Legends store from 1200 hrs today to 2359hrs on 15 Feb! All 355 RP skins will be going at 142 RP while 190 RP skins will be going at 76 RP only! 


Last but not least, this is specially dedicated to all you forever alone people out there..




Here's sending loads of <3 to all you guys out there! Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day shouldn't be a day celebrated by couples only, let's celebrate friendship too! :)


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