Well Ziggs, he loves Snowdown. The best time of the year!
But he couldn’t quite decide how to spread his good cheer.
“What’s the best way to celebrate Snowdown?” He asked.
And he paced and he paced till a thought came at last.
“Why I’ve thought of the merriest Snowdown surprise!
Yes, I’ve dreamt up a thing that shall light up their lives!"

And so Ziggs he made snowballs, he made them with care.
And he filled them all up with hexplosives – beware!
And when he was finished, he went out to play
And the champs saw him coming and shouted, “Hooray!”
Then Ziggs lit the fuse and he smiled with cunning,
Suggesting politely, “you better start RUNNING!”

Every champ in the League, whether yordle or tall
Has learned a few things about Snowdown for all.
That there’s gifting and dancing and feasting galore,
But there’s also a Showdown each Snowdown for sure!

Garena Loves Christmas

Are you ready for a Garena Christmas? From collecting the rosy apples for “Tristana’s Apple”, to enjoying your daily rewards while you “Stay with Annie”, and even joining us in our offline community project as we give back and raise funds with our “LoL Cares” Community Initiative, this is truly the season of giving! So join us in our online and offline events, to make this season a truly memorable one. A Garena Christmas Awaits!

Spread Holiday Cheer with Holiday Wards

This Snowdown you can spread holiday cheer across the Fields of Justice by dropping seasonally-themed Sight and Vision Wards – yours free from patch day until January 6th! There’s no better way to wish your carry a merry Snowdown than saving him from a gank with a ward that looks like a snowman or a gingerbread yordle!

Snowdown Summoner Icons

Show your Snowdown spirit all year long by earning these seasonal summoner icons – our gift to you when you help spread holiday cheer!

You’ll receive a special Snowdown icon for the following actions between now and January 6th:

  • Participating in a five-man premade match in any queue
  • Behaving well in the spirit of the Snowdown season
  • Purchasing certain amount of RP during Snowdown Showdown
  • Purchasing a champion as a gift for a friend
  • Purchasing a skin as a gift for a friend
  • Being one of the top participants this Snowdown
  • Find out more details here

Distribution of Snowdown icons will begin a few days after the upcoming patch and may take several days to hit your account after they are earned.


'Tis the Season for Gifting

This holiday season we’re adding a much-requested feature to the League of Legends Store for a limited time. It’s a time for sharing, so from the day of the next patch until 2 January 2013, you can visit the Gifting Center to purchase champions, skins, and RP as gifts for the players on your friends list. Surprise your favorite summoner this Snowdown with a thoughtful gift.

Stay tuned for more details on Snowdown gift-giving as the holiday draws closer.