Required network ports

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If you experience problems connecting to or successfully joining games of League of Legends, you may need to confirm you have the necessary access to certain ports on your network. It may be necessary to contact your network administrator to obtain this information.

The following is a list of the required port access to run League of Legends effectively:

  • 80 TCP - HTTP Connections
  • 443 TCP - HTTPS Connections
  • 2099 TCP -
  • 5222 TCP -
  • 5223 TCP -
  • 5100 - 5400 UDP - LoL Game Client
  • 8393 TCP -

You, or your network administrator, may need to match these ports with their corresponding IP addresses using our server IP list.

While we won't be able to help you set up your connection ourselves, you may find the following port forwarding information useful:

You can doublecheck that these ports are indeed open by visiting the Open Port Check Tool.