Out of Range Errors, Black Screens, and Game Resolution

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If you receive an "Out of Range" error or your screen goes black for an extended period of time before the start of a game, this usually means the game is set to a resolution that your monitor or video card does not support. You can normally change your resolution in the game's video options menu, but since you can't see the game in this state you will have to use the following alternate method (do not alter any files in the League of Legends folder other than game.cfg in the Garena Messenger/Apps/lol/Game/DATA/CFG directory):

  • Find and open the Garena Messenger/Apps/lol folder on your computer
  • Open the Game folder
  • Open the DATA folder
  • Open the CFG folder
  • Open Game.cfg using a text editor (.cfg files are usually opened this way by default)
  • Find the lines in the file that read:
  • The numbers listed to the right of the equals sign are the resolution the game is trying to run on. You can change these numbers to any resolution that your monitor and video card support.
  • Find the line that reads:
    And replace the line with:
  • If there is no line that reads 'UserSetResolution=0', you can simply add the line UserSetResolution=1 to the bottom of the file.
  • Save the file and exit the text editor

If you don't know a resolution that your monitor and video card can definitely support, you should use your desktop's resolution:

  • Right click your desktop background
  • Select Properties (or Personalize in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Your desktop resolution is listed under Screen Resolution. The width is the first number and the height is the second number. Enter those values into the appropriate Game.cfg locations.

If changing the resolution in your game.cfg file does not resolve the issue, reinstalling League of Legends should revert the game to a working default state.