Maestro Error Troubleshooting

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Maestro Error Troubleshooting

Maestro errors usually occur:

    • When logging in to
    • After champion select, while the game client is opening
    • After a game ends, while is trying to reopen

    Errors with maestro are typically caused by:

      • Software based firewalls (Zone Alarm, Windows Firewall, etc.)
      • Anti-Virus software
      • Malware Scanners
      • Process Protection software
      • Not running the game with Windows administrative privileges
      • User Account Control settings (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
      • Riot Games\League of Legend\lol.launcher.exe
      • Riot Games\League of Legends\game\League of Legends.exe
      • Riot Games\League of Legends\air\LolClient.exe
    • For those with software based firewalls: you can specify which processes the firewall will give unrestricted access to. You should add the following .exe files to their lists of exceptions.

      Your firewall may also have the option to open specific ports for communication. The ports that needs to be open for Maestro to work properly are 80 and 8393.