Interacting with Players

Adding Friends

  • Add real world friends by searching for their summoner names
  • Add summoners with whom you’ve recently played
  • View your friends' profiles, match history, and game stats
  • Spectate your friends' games as they play

Playing with Friends

Inviting your friends to play with you is easy. Just select the game mode you'd like to play and click the "I will invite my own teammates" button to begin inviting friends to join you.

  • Invite your friends to play with you in a variety of game modes
  • Gather up to 10 friends in a custom match
  • Create and name your team to compete in Ranked play

Keeping to the Summoner's Code

The Summoner's Code

Reporting Negative Play

In the event you run into a truly unpleasant competitor, you can report him for bad conduct.