MSI 2021 Predict & Win!

MSI 2021 is about to begin and we are bringing you the Prediction Event that you all love - where you can earn rewards and discounts on your favorite skins!The entire event is free to play so be sure to submit your predictions before the Lock-In time for each Bo1 match or Bo5 set! 

Win random prizes by predicting the winning team for matches correctly, prizes include:

• 200 x Blue Essence

• Hextech Key fragment

• Hextech Key

• Hextech Chest

• Space Groove Orb

• Hextech Mystery Emote

• MSI Capsule!

Additionally, you can receive discounts off skins by predicting correctly - the more correct predictions made, the higher the discounts! 

We encourage you to read up on all the event rules before participating in the event to prevent any confusion!

How to play

1. In the client, select the "PREDICT & WIN" button on the top right of the Overview tab to open up the Prediction Event.

2. Select the team that you think will win each match - for Best of Five series, be sure to choose a winner for all 5 (potential) matches!

3. On the right hand side, choose a skin that you would like to earn a discount towards.

• During the Group Stage you may select one out of ten randomly generated skins per day.

• During the Knockout Stage, you may choose any available skin in the list that you like!

4. Check back at 12PM GMT+8 the day after matches are played to claim your rewards and discounts!

Discount Mechanics

1. Group Stage – Skins will be randomly picked for you and can not be changed.

• There will be 6 matches a day, each correct prediction adds a 10% discount to the skins.

• Therefore the maximum discount that you can earn is 60%.

2. Knockout Stage – You can select a skin of your choice* that can not be changed thereafter.

• Correct predictions from the first 3 matches in a Best-of-5 adds a 10% discount

• 4th & 5th match's correct prediction adds a 5% discount instead.

• Therefore the maximum discount that you can earn is 40%

Event Rules

1. Predict the team that you think will win for matches in MSI 2021!

2. Predictions are locked in 60 minutes before the stated match timing.

3. Once locked in, no changes can be made.

4. Tie-breakers and unnecessary matches of a Best-of-5 are not included.

5. Skins purchased during this event are non-refundable so please ensure that you read through the rules first before committing.

6. If you already own all the skins available in this event, 5 x Space Groove Orbs will be available instead.

7. *Skin of your choice includes all non-legacy Epic skins up to patch 11.8.

8. If you do not own a champion, its skins will not be available.

9. This event will stay up until 30 May 2020, 11:59PM GMT+8 for redemption purposes.

10. Unredeemed prizes thereafter will be forfeited and cannot be exchanged for anything else.

11. All game schedules, rules, format, teams, etc... are subject to changes as per the official announcement of League of Legends MSI 2021.

Bonus Rewards

Additionally, gain these exclusive rewards for predicted games correctly!

These rewards will be distributed 14 working days after the event has ended.

Reward# of games predicted correctly

Outplayed Icon

Outplayed Emote20
Is My Mic On? Icon30
Juicy! Emote40

For any issues encountered in relation to this event, please contact Garena customer support.

Best of luck to you and your predictions for MSI 2021!