TFT patch 12.15

Welcome comp forcers and correct players alike!

Itís time for another patch. And why stop with this one? Make sure to check out the sizeable changes to my new name (and the game) that we shipped during our 12.14 mid-week update, just last week! As for here, weíre focused on buffs to ensure all comps can thriveóeven Nomsy carry! Oh thereís also new Pool Party content hitting the Convergence!
Rodger ìRiot Prism" Caudill

Patch Highlights

Pool Party Eggs

You can purchase any of the five Pool Party Umbra variants directly, or crack open a random one in a Pool Party Egg at a reduced price. Pool Party Eggs also have a chance to drop the Mythic Summer Splash Ao Shin (2 percent drop rate, but guaranteed by the 16th egg). You can hatch Pool Party Eggs until our Dragonlands Mid-set launches, but the direct purchase Umbra(s) are here to stay! Get the details here.
  • Splash in style with five different Umbra variants (Lifeguard, Scuba Shark, Sunkissed, Fruity Smoothie, Little Shark) or the Mythic Summer Splash Ao Shin

Large Changes

Large, like the power of Nomsy carry!


Those who dedicate themselves to Nomsy shall be rewarded. If you can carry Nomsy early, she will carry you late. And remember, she likes more than just Snaxóice cream cones (Chalice of Power) are a must for this draconic frog to make your foes croak.
  • Cavalier bonus Armor & Magic Resistance: 35/65/95/125 35/60/85/110
  • Shimmerscale, Needlessly Big Gem living units needed per 1 gold: 3⇒2
  • Shimmerscale, Mogulís Mail Health per stack: 5⇒8
  • Trainer 3 Nomsy Damage increase: +100%⇒+200%
  • Trainer Nomsy Fireball Damage: 100/130/160/200⇒85/110/140/175
  • Trainer 3 Nomsyís Fireball Damage: 200/260/320/400⇒255/330/420/525

Units: Tier 1

This is only a buff if Ezreal hits his Mystic Shot, but sometimes I think heíd be better off with a map for that.
  • Ezreal Mystic Shot Damage: 175/225/300⇒200/250/325
  • Senna Attack Damage: 55⇒50
  • Senna Last Embrace base magic Damage: 275/425/600⇒300/500/700

Units: Tier 2

Kayn and Twitch have yet to find success as carries or even item holders. Weíre almost to our mid-set, and we want to give them their time in the Dragonlands spotlight before all eyes shift to REDACTED FOR SPOILER.

You know who has found success this set? Me! Just kiddingóitís Nami. Nami is outperforming other 2-costs even when balanced around her three high-impact Traits.
  • Kayn Health: 700⇒750
  • Kayn Attack Damage: 55⇒60
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Damage: 150/200/250⇒150/180/210
  • Nami Ebb and Flow Healing: 175/200/225⇒170/190/210
  • Twitch Attack Speed: 0.65⇒0.7

Units: Tier 3

Step one: Get Eye of the Storm Augment (buffed in Augment section)
Step two: Lee SinÖ lots of him.
Step three: Dragonmancer Blessing on your boy.
Step four: Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster
Step five: Play the song. You know which one Iím talking about. (Hint in Augment section)
  • Lee Sin Attack Speed: 0.7⇒0.75
  • Lee Sin Dragonís Rage Damage: 280/360/480⇒295/375/495

Units: Tier 4

Corki is out of controlÖ ground control

Xayah is no newbie to the patch notes, but her return here marks her first ever buff. Will Xayah find her place in the meta, or will she be left to roost for another patch? Find out next time, in your ranked games!
  • Corki Big One Attack Damage ratio: 160/200/350%⇒155/185/400%
  • Xayah Health: 700⇒750
  • Xayah Attack Speed: 0.7⇒0.75

Units: Tier 5

When it comes to 10-cost Dragons, we want to make sure you get what you pay for. So weíre giving Shyvana a consistency buff, but weíre also adding some more counterplay by slowing down her transformation. Can you ground her before she takes flight? Probably not, but at least your backline might get their damage off before she melts them with her new targeting buff.
  • Shyvanaís Flame Breath now always targets the largest clump
  • Shyvana starting Mana nerf: 30/60⇒0/60


Ornnít you glad we nerfed Eternal Winter?

Stoneplate is currently our one-stop-shop tank item. Weíre bringing its power down a bit to open up other tank itemization options.
  • Ornn Item, Eternal Winter Attack Speed Slow: 30%⇒20%
  • Ornn Item, Rocket Propelled Fist Health: 400⇒350
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Armor & Magic Resistance per enemy targeting holder: 18⇒16


The Eye of the Storm has not been the thrill of the fight. So weíre rising ?to the challenge of its rivals (Gold Augments). Please see my detailed guide to climbing with this Augment in the above sections and remember to smash that like, comment, and subscribe.

Intercosmic Gifts has been far from stellar all set. Having just a chance to drop every 5 shops was too much variance to justify this as a Gold Augment.
  • Eye of the Storm bonus Ability Power for unit at the center of the board: 40⇒45
  • Eye of the Storm bonus Ability Power post lightning strike Ability Power: 120⇒135
  • Intercosmic Gifts Orb chance to spawn a second Orb: 50%⇒100%
  • Intercosmic Gifts Orb drop location shifted slightly higher to make it more noticeable
  • Stand United Attack Damage per active Trait: 2/3/4⇒1/2/3

Small Changes

Small, like the time before our mid-set hits PBE (August 23rd for Riot Regions).


  • Jade percent max Health regeneration: 2/5/8/25% 2/4/8/25%

Units: Tier 1

Karma calls it a cremation.
  • Karma: If Karmaís target dies while Inner Flame is in the air, the projectile will now explode where the target died
  • Karma Inner Flame Damage: 220/300/380⇒210/280/350
  • Sett Knuckle Down Attack Damage ratio: 170%⇒160%

Units: Tier 2

  • Ashe Volley Damage: 125/175/225⇒125/175/250

Units: Tier 4

  • Daeja Windblast wave Damage: 300/400/1800⇒275/375/1800
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Attack Damage ratio: 265/290/1000%⇒250/275/1000%
  • Talon Shadow Assault target Stab base magic Damage: 120/200/700⇒120/200/1200

Units: Tier 5

Okay, weíve got an odd Pyke 3 change here, but I promise you it is a buff. Pyke 3 won't execute enemies anymore and will instead deal his massive 5000 AOE damage. This helps him heal more with omnivamp, and also allows him to make big numbers pop up on the screen which is sick.
  • Ao Shin Lightning Rain Damage: 210/400/2500⇒225/400/2500
  • Pyke Death From Below Execute max Health Threshold: 25/33/100%⇒25/33/1%
  • Pyke Death From Below primary target Damage: 325/450/5000⇒325/450/15000
  • Pyke Death From Below secondary target(s) Damage: 150/250/5000⇒150/250/15000
  • Yasuo is now invulnerable when performing his execute animation


To take advantage of Cluttered Mind, you need to focuson maximizing its value from the start. Thatís harder to do when itís not offered as your first Augment.

With Lategame Specialist, players are often going fast level 9, which means they need all the time they can get during their level 9 transition. Picking up 40 gold while under this pressure doesn't help.

The trigger for Reckless Spending is just too expensive to effectively use in the early game, when responsible econ is more important.
  • Cluttered Mind can now only be offered on 2-1
  • Lategame Specialist: Players no longer have to pick up the gold granted by Lategame Specialist. The gold is now deposited directly into the playerís gold bank once they reach Level 9
  • Reckless Spending can no longer be offered on 2-1


Hyper Roll

Talk about overkillÖ
  • Damage at round 10-1 has been increased to 30 to match the accelerated late-game damage of Standard and Double Up
  • Shimmerscale Goldmancerís Staff Ability Power per gold: 3 4

Bug Fixes

  • False crescendo: If Sonaís Ability target is hit by Zephyr, Sona will now pick the next farthest unit instead of waiting for that unit to land
  • Hit a skillshot would ya?: Thresh no longer occasionally fails to cast his Ability if heís hit by Zephyr
  • Re-tempered Fate: Improved Bardís accuracy while searching for the largest clump. This change only affects situations where Bardís enemies were all isolated (all next to empty hexes)
  • Daeja will search in a wider line when searching for the most enemies in a line
  • Frostbite: Verdant Veil will no longer fail to prevent Frozen Heartís Attack Speed slow on Away boards
  • Star-up VFX indicators will now update more accurately for players with Pandoraís Bench
  • Syífenís bite can no longer still be dodged in specific situations where he was CCíd after his charge while his target had dodge chance items