Monster Deals

1. Stand a chance to win the New Monster Tamer Skins!
2. There are 4 available prizes for each level. Once the prize is drawn, it will be eliminated from the level and you will not draw it again.
3. Once all items are sold out, there will be no refresh.
4. There are 3 levels in total. You will first need to purchase at least once from Level 1 before unlocking Level 2, and purchase at least once from Level 2 before unlocking Level 3.
5. The Single Draw costs are as shown:

    Level 1 - 100 RP; Level 2 - 250 RP; Level 3 - 400 RP
6. The Double Draw costs are as shown:
    Level 1 - 180 RP; Level 2 - 480 RP; Level 3 - 780 RP

To view the event, simply click on the MONSTER DEALS button in the client.

Available in the client from now until 22 AUGUST 11:59 PM (GMT+8)!

1. Level 1 top prize is Superior Skin of Choice.
2. Star Guardian Taliyah is not included in this event.3. Limited and Legacy skins are not included.
4. This event is not applicable with League of Legends' store refund policy so please make sure you understand the event rules before committing!

For any issues encountered in relation to this event, please contact Garena customer support.