Fortune Arcade returns! | As low as 10 RP or 30 RP12.04.2018


Fortune Arcade is back for a limited time only! From now until 10:59AM, 19 April 2018, stand a chance to win a permanent skin with a small amount of RP


How does Fortune Arcade work?

  1. A pop up will appear when you open the League of Legends Client.

  2. You’ll be randomly placed into the ‘Normal Lounge’ or ‘VIP Lounge’

The skins may be different for each Summoner.

  1. Enter the Fortune Arcade lounge in order to roll for a skin!



*There’s a guaranteed permanent skin after a fixed number of rolls. So if you did not get it during your first roll, do not give up! Keep rolling!

** Minimum reward you will get: Hextech Key Fragment or 100 Blue Essence.


If you’ve closed the Fortune Arcade page, click the Mystery Deals button on the top right corner to open it once again.