[UPDATE] GPL x Worlds Top Up Rewards: More luck for your buck!13.10.2017

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UPDATE: 13 Oct 2017 - 11:00am


The moment you've been waiting for, here's the secret Epic skin & Summoner Icon which you'll receive when you top up RP - Beekeeper Singed & Bee Singed Icon. 


Rewards for summoners who converted RP at the start of this promotion have been credited! For those who'll be converting now, rewards will be automatically credited once the conversion is made!




Round 2 of Worlds 2017 Group Stages begins tomorrow! With that, we’ve got another round of RP Conversion rewards coming your way!


As a show of support for Gigabyte Marines (GAM), we’ll be holding an region wide GPL Worlds RP Conversion Promo from 3:30PM, 11 October 2017 to 11.59pm, 15 October 2017!



Worlds 2017 RP Conversion Milestones

  1. At a total amount of 500 RP converted, you’ll receive a Random Skin.

  2. At a total amount of 1000 RP Converted, you’ll receive a Secret Epic Skin.

  3. At a total amount of 1500 RP Converted, you’ll receive a Secret Summoner Icon + Epic Capsules.

Please note, Rewards are cumulative!


*For conversions of 1500 RP and above, , the number of Epic Capsules is determined by Gigabyte Marines’ results in the second round of Group Stage (12 - 15 October, 2017) at Worlds.


Example: If Gigabyte Marines win 3 games during Worlds Group Stage (Round 2 only), a conversion of at least 1500 RP will earn you


      Secret Summoner Icon + (1 + 3 GAM wins = 4 Epic Capsules)


On that note! When you convert 1500 RP, you are guaranteed at least 1 Epic Capsule credited to your account immediately. The remaining Epic Capsules as well as the Secret Epic Skin & Icon will be credited by Wednesday, 18 October 2017.


Things to remember:

  1. Promotion is only available when you convert Garena Shells to RP, not when you purchase Garena Shells.

  2. Rewards are cumulative! If you have already converted 500 RP for Milestone 1 and converted 500 RP more for Milestone 2, you will receive both a Random Skin and a Secret Epic Skin .

  3. Dont worry! If you don’t own the champion of the skins mentioned above, it will be credited to you.

  4. The milestone 1 rewards - random skins include Imperial Lux, Prom Queen Annie, Exiled Morgana, Coral Reef Malphite, Apocalyptic Brand, and Blacksmith Poppy.
  5. If you already own all the skins above, you’ll be refunded 180 RP.

  6. If you have achieved all the 3 milestones, you are not able to reset the promotion.

  7. Bear in mind, this GPL Worlds 2017 RP Conversion Promo is adjacent with the standard RP Conversion Promo in the store:


You can purchase shells to convert to RP onlineFor Malaysia | For Singapore



For example, you will receive 1000 RP + 75 Bonus RP when you convert 1000 Garena Shells at once. As such, you will have achieved and received:


  • 1075 RP as shown above

  • GPL x Worlds Milestone 1 - 2 = 1 Random Skin & 1 Secret Epic Skin