New Epic Skin: Mafia Braum24.08.2018

The big boss collected his payment in gold before looking down at his fuzzy associates with a wink. The syndicate always knew to bring Braum.

Mafia Braum - 490 RP




100 RP (60% off)

Chromas - 110 RP each

Mafia Braum Heist Set - 1070 RP

(1247 RP if you need Braum)

Available until September 7, 2018, at 11:59 PM SGT*

*The Mafia Braum Chroma Bundle with exclusive Ruby chroma will be available afterwards for 1020 RP (1375 RP if you need Braum).

Bundle includes: 

  • Mafia Braum
  • Mafia Braum chromas (including the bundle-exclusive Ruby chroma)
  • Mafia Braum Poro Icon