2017 MY All-Star Team Revealed10.11.2017



With the curtains on Season 7 drawn to a close and a new world overlord ascending the throne, the competitive heat has been slightly calmed down to prepare for a brand new season for League of Legends.

Although other regions have claimed their pride on the international stage, another window has opened up for Malaysia to take the throne in the upcoming Garena All-Star! We’ve assembled some of our best players and let YOU vote for your ideal squad to take on the other nations in the region.


You have casted your votes, you have envisioned your dream team, here is the final roster for the Malaysia All-Star!

  • Top: Eren (Eternity Esports)

  • Jungle: Qaspiel (Kuala Lumpur Hunters)

  • Mid: Kirino (Orange Esports)

  • Bot: OzoraVeki (Kuala Lumpur Hunters)

  • Support: 404 (Eternity Esports)


Garena All-Star is set to ignite from 20-26 November in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Six nations will be assembling their dream roster to compete in Garena All-Star for a spot to go to the 2017 All-Star Event; but before anyone can claim their tickets, they will have to go through each other until a victor is crowned.


With big names from other nations taking part in this royal rumble, we wish our domestic chaps all the best! This is not just a fight for glory, but also for redemption, pride, and a show of growth within Malaysia. The stage has been set, the players are ready, let’s set the arena on fire!