2017 SG All-Star Team Revealed!07.11.2017

With the herald of a new World Champion, it only seems apt that we usher in more fresh blood in the form of our 2017 Singaporean All-Star team. Voting concluded on Sunday with over 1,302 Summoners chipping in and voting for their dream team.

As the dust settles, we are left with the revelation of our final local Avenger team. With Singapore’s pride on the line, all existing rivalries can take a backseat and these players set aside their differences and work towards the common goal of making Singapore proud on the regional stage.

Without further ado, here are the stars that YOU have voted for:

  • Top: Blaire 
  • Jungle: EternaL
  • Mid: Arykelic
  • ADC:  Dantiz
  • Support: Kra

These five players will head to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 20 - 26 November to face off against the other representatives from each GPL region which include formidable names like Levi of Gigabyte Marines fame. The winner of the Garena All Star event will then head to the 2017 All-Star Event held at the NA LCS Studio in Los Angeles.

Though the road might not be the easiest, our local heroes remain motivated. With less than two weeks left on the clock, our Singapore All-Star team has been diligently training with a common purpose - to put up a good showing at the Garena All-Star event.

More information about the Garena All-Star Event can be found HERE.