Competitive Ruling: 4 January, 201804.01.2018


Team: Apple

Player: Benjamin “Zero one zero” Lai

Region: Malaysia

Tournament: LCM Challenger Series: Spring Split 2018

Date of Ruling: 3 January, 2018

Subject: Penalty, Violation of League of Legends Esports Global Ruleset



On December 23rd, 2017, LCM officials were notified that Team Apple, a participant of the LCM Challenger Series: Spring Split 2018, had been utilizing a player who was not on their official roster for the tournament.


After investigation, LCM officials found that Benjamin “Zero one zero” Lai Yun Jian was involved with ringing in online competitive play. Ringing, the act of “secretly utilizing a player not on the declared starting lineup of a team in sanctioned online competition”  is a violation of both the LCM ruleset and the spirit of fair play. As a result, Team Apple's result in the tournament was not legitimately earned and will be invalidated


Relevant Rules: Ringing In Online Play

“Secretly utilizing a player not on the declared starting lineup of a team in sanctioned online competition.”

  • Teams must field players only from the registered roster submitted to the LCM Challenger Series: Spring Split 2018 committee throughout the course of the tournament.”


*To read more about the League of Legends Global Penalty Index , refer to the ruleset here.



 Team Apple has violated the LCM Challenger Series Rulesetand will receive the following penalties:

(Refer to ruleset here.)


Tournament Penalties

  • Benjamin Lai “Zero one zero” Yun Jian will be suspended from all Garena organized League of Legends competition for 5 competitive months starting today, January 3rd 2018.

  • Team Apple will be stripped of their qualifications into the LCM 2018 Promotional Series.

  • Team Apple will be ineligible for any prizes earned in LCM Challenger Series: Spring Split 2018.



Our stance on fair play and competitive integrity has always been clear and firm; this is a serious offense. Despite the young age of the parties involved, such infraction undermines the efforts and preparation put in by all parties -- including their competitive opponents, the organizers and the production team -- and carries heavy consequences. We firmly believe that professionalism in esports should always be practiced and that it is a pivotal foundation to hold the competitive environment of League of Legends to higher standards.