Competitive Ruling: KLH Wicked12.12.2017




Kuala Lumpur Hunters’ Jungler, Ng ‘Wicked’ Chee Chuen has participated in Account Sharing/ Elo boosting and has been declared ineligible for competitive play in any Riot-affiliated League of Legends competition or Garena organized tournaments for the 2018 Spring Season.




On 28/10/2017 it was reported and confirmed through our investigation that Wicked participated in Account Sharing/ Elo boosting. This is in direct contradiction of the Terms of Service, which forbids account sharing. As a result, the shared account was permanently suspended per our Player Support policy.


Due to Wicked’s involvement with Kuala Lumpur Hunters and the League of Legends Championship Malaysia (LCM), the player has been declared ineligible to participate in any Riot-affiliated League of Legends Competition or Garena organized tournaments until the end of Spring 2018.


For further context, the ban imposed on Wicked shall only be reviewed and lifted after Mid-Season Invitationals (MSI) 2018. Additionally, it is worth noting that Wicked has been cleared of any monetary forms of Elo Boosting, regardless the player has been penalized accordingly.



As Malaysia takes on a brand new format under LCM, the Pros, Semi-Pros and Challenger Series players will continue to be held to a higher standard in all regards of their behaviour. Sharing accounts and engaging in Elo boosting not only violates the Terms of Service, but has many negative effects on the community. Elo boosting produces unbalanced games, devalues the commitment many players make to earn their rankings, and endangers account security.


Will Wicked continue to represent  Kuala Lumpur Hunters?


As decided by Kuala Lumpur Hunters’ management, Wicked will remain attached to the team but will not be listed under the official roster list for the entirety of Spring 2018. Upon serving his ban in full, Wicked may resume competitive play in Summer 2018 subject to further review.




9.2.8 Player Behavior Investigation of the TLC/LCM ruleset

If the TLC/LCM committee or Riot determines that a Team or Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, TLC officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.




Wicked is declared ineligible for all Riot-affiliated League of Legends and Garena organized competition until the end of the Spring 2018. Wicked will have his accounts and conduct reviewed at the end of Spring 2018, prior to being declared eligible.