eE 404 | The Trickster17.07.2017




Having opened the Summer Split with three back-to-back losses, Eternity Esports (eE) finished in 3rd place in The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia Group Stages and this Penang team looks dead set on making it into their first ever grand finals.


It’s worth mentioning again that eE players have been around the local scene for some time - there aren’t many top-tier tournaments run without the name JNJ Esports in the list of participating teams. Last split, they managed to qualify for the TLC quarterfinals in a rather mediocre season for an experienced team.




Many have highlighted eE as one of the most impressive teams of the split with plenty of individual appraisals for their players. What’s most interesting about this team is the inclusion of star mid laner, Megat ‘Wendy’ Badrul which initially caused eE to play with a slight language barrier.


According to eE captain and support player, 404, he said: “Despite the language barrier, our team is still able to communicate objectives and  instill proper game-sense that leads to some bright results.


“It’s not perfect but we are working hard to make sure everyone is on the same page at all times. Also, we want to improve more on our microplays and if we manage to do so, we may exceed our expectations go to the finals this year.


eE have come up with more than just a few surprises this season - most notably their 2-0 win against Fire Dragoon from the Top 4 of last split. For 404, there are two players in particular to have risen up to position eE as a force to be reckoned with,



“Eren and Wendy are both extremely talented when it comes to individual mechanics, both of which have climbed up to the Top 5 ranks in Solo Queue against even the many talented Singaporean players in our server.


“Personally, I feel Wendy still has a few things to learn when it comes to competitive mindsets and game sense but he has matured a lot in a short time. I even dare to say he is the best Mid Laner in Malaysia in comparison to ORS Kirino and KLH ArrHedge.