Fire Dragoon Clinches A Flight to Bangkok for LoC: Series II Finals19.01.2018

The Legion of Champions: Series II drew its curtains on 6th January 2018, crowning a champion to represent Malaysia to compete in the main event which will be held at Bangkok, Thailand, as well as leaving memorable imprints that will linger in the memories of many. With the dust settled for now, let’s look back at some moments that captured the essence of the event!


Orange Esports vs Allegiance

Orange Esports and Allegiance kicked off the tournament with a BO3 for the 3rd and 4th place. It was a fight between rookies and veterans and ALG definitely showed that they have the capabilities to take down seasoned players. The series was a very decisive 2-0 for ALG as they dismantled ORG with their superior macro and hyper-aggressive playstyle. Despite ORG’s most valiant attempt to pull themselves back including a clutch Baron steal, it wasn’t enough to stop their bleeding as ALG swept through the ranks of ORG and clinched a convincing 3rd place finish at the tournament.


Fire Dragoon vs 4moD

The grand finals saw rising juggernaut Fire Dragoon take on the black horse, 4moD in an epic BO5 grand slam. With the chance to go to Bangkok as the nation’s representatives, both teams did not back down. Fire Dragoon ploughed through 4moD in a triumphant fashion, taking the series cleanly with a 3-0 score. 4moD struggled through the entire series and despite their best efforts to salvage their losses, FDG proved to be too much, crushing their opponents and booking themselves a flight to Bangkok and a RM10,000 prize pool.


Forging Onwards

With Fire Dragoon proving that they are the best team to shoulder the glory of the nation, they will be travelling to Bangkok to carry forth the nation’s pride in the LoC main event while will be held from 26th to 28th January. Will the Dragoons ignite the stage on fire? We’ll just have to give them our best wishes and show our support!