Garena Student Alliance: Embracing Collegiate Gaming10.03.2017

Garena, Southeast Asia’s largest consumer internet platform company, officially launched the Garena Student Alliance (GSA) with the aim to build a community driven by tertiary students with a passion for competitive gaming in Malaysia.

GSA’s main objective is to encourage students to establish eSports clubs on campus, whilst educating them on proper club management including tournament administration, preparing partnership proposals, event marketing, and the current eSports ecosystem in the region. 

To date, GSA has already piloted an eSports bootcamp earlier last month, working with youths between the ages of 18 - 23 from 25 different campuses across Malaysia.


GSA allows student gamers to connect with each other and explore various campus related projects.


To further bolster the local collegiate gaming community and promote healthy competition among eSports athletes, GSA will also be providing each registered club tangible support in the form of community events, exclusive GSA merchandise and Garena Roadshows. GSA hopes to enrich the campus life of all its members with insights and experiences to the competitive gaming industry.

Jason Ng, Vice President of Garena, said: “We are confident that the Garena Student Alliance can break new ground in our continued efforts to develop local eSports ecosystem in Malaysia. As one of the leaders of eSports in Southeast Asia, we believe that education and competitive gaming can go hand-in-hand to promote a new generation of creative and tech-savvy scholars.

"Garena offered the very first eSports scholarship in Malaysia last year, and we believe the GSA is the next step in furthering Malaysia’s phenomenal growth in eSports. At the same time, GSA aims to raise the profiles of Malaysian universities by providing more exposure on international projects and experiences for their students.”

As part of a pioneering Collegiate program, GSA members will be trained and acquainted with three core principles: innovate to educate, serve the community and promote eSports in Malaysia.


In 2016, Garena Malaysia announced the biannual League of Legends tournament, MYCL would offer the first-ever eSports scholarship to the overall Collegiate champions which involved over 2,000 schools and campuses nationwide. The scholarships worth RM30,000 was eventually awarded to students from APU, venue hosts to the MYCL Grand Finals