[SG] Get ready for Conquerors Manila 201811.06.2018


UPDATE (20th June): Prizes for National Qualifiers have been updated

It’s the clash between the best teams in Southeast Asia (SEA). How will our region stack up against our counterparts? Who will be crowned the new ‘Conqueror’ of SEA and represent us at Worlds 2018?


Register for Conquerors Manila NOW at https://goo.gl/forms/REvGUAHW6jcAIf6j1

What is Conquerors Manila?

The five participating regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia) will send their best teams to Manila from 13-19 August, where they’ll clash for pride and a USD 250,000 Prize Pool. The winner will advance to the 2018 League of Legends World Championships.  


How can I qualify for Conquerors Manila?

The tournament will consist of two segments:

  1. National Qualifiers (local)
  2. An 8-team Regional playoff.
    • Each participating country will be allocated one slot in the playoffs, with an additional slot granted to the Top 3 regions of GPL Spring 2018 (Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines)

The local qualifier for Singapore is separated into 2 stages, the Online Qualifier and the Offline National Qualifier.


Due to their outstanding results from the Singapore Legends Series Spring 2018, Sovereign and Resurgence have been granted direct entry to the Offline National Qualifier. All other teams from Singapore can register to begin their conquest at the Online Qualifier. The Top 6 teams from the Online Qualifier will then proceed to join Sovereign and Resurgence in the National Qualifier.


The winner of the National Qualifier will represent Singapore at the Globe Conquerors Manila Playoffs.

Register Now: https://goo.gl/forms/REvGUAHW6jcAIf6j1
Registration closes 26 June 2018, 5pm.

What is the format for the Online Qualifier?

Due to limited slots available, only the Top 16 teams (based on the average rank of the team) will be allocated a slot in the Online Qualifier. An official confirmation email will be sent to teams who have successfully obtained a slot after the registration deadline.


The Online Qualifier format will be a 16-team, Best-of-1 Double Elimination bracket. The top 6 teams will advance to the National Qualifier.


What is the format for the National Qualifier?

The National Qualifier format will be played offline and will be an 8-team, Best-of-3 Double Elimination bracket. The final match which determines the SG representative in the Globe Conquerors Manila Playoff will be a Best-of-5.


What are the prizes for the Qualifiers?

The 8 teams who make it to the National Qualifier will receive the following rewards:



Rewards per team


2,500 RP + Advance to Globe Conquerors Manila Playoffs


2,000 RP


1,500 RP


1,000 RP


500 RP


What is the Tournament Schedule?




Online Qualifier

7 July 2018


National Qualifier

14 July, Round 1 & 2

Spout Arena @ Lucky Chinatown, Lvl 3

15 July, Round 3 & 4

21 July, Loser Bracket Finals


22 July, Qualifier Finals

Globe Conquerors Manila Playoffs

13-19 August

Manila, Philippines

Who can participate in this tournament?

Any Summoner with an active League of Legends account on SG Server that is not currently banned will be eligible to compete in the tournament. You must also be at least 17-years-old to participate in any Qualifier games. Anyone not having lived 18 full years must have signed permission from a legal guardian to participate in the Globe Conquerors Manila - Main Event if the team qualifies. For more information on tournament eligibility criteria, please refer to the SEA Tour 2018 Official Rules.

What are the Roster Requirements?

You are allowed to register between 6-10 members for the Qualifiers.


At least three out of the five players on the starting line-up of a team are required to be residents of Singapore. All teams are required to maintain at least four residents of Singapore across the starters and substitutes.


Can I change the team roster after the registration window closes?

You will not be able to change your roster after 3rd July 2018, 5PM.


Where can I find out more?

Visit the Globe Conqueror’s Manila website here.


Tournament rules can be found at SEA Tour 2018 Official Rules.