GPL 2017: Can Rigel Find Redemption?13.04.2017

By Leonard 'OMO' Loh

Day 1: At the end of the first day we see a 3 way tie between Kuala Lumpur Hunters, Fortius and Mineski with Rigel sitting at the bottom of the table at 0-3. If you missed all the action that went down on Day 1, here is a short recap of all 6 games.

Game 1: Fortius vs. Kuala Lumpur Hunters

Mid, Jungle synergy ft. Shiro's Renekton

Fortius Gaming's troubles started in the Pick and Ban phase, with a high kill pressure Jungle matchup on both sides. Shiro's control in the Renekton, Nautilus match-up gave Qaspiel freedom in the top side of the map to snowball both Shiro and ArrHedge.

Qaspiel recognized the high kill potential in his mid lane and set up camp, netting his mid laner first blood. This begins the snowball for the Kuala Lumpur Hunters with ArrHedge and Qaspiel running over Beyond and MeoCon in their own jungle. Despite a few 'Lee Syndrome' moments from Qaspiel, with such a huge lead, his team managed to take every teamfight that ensues.

The Butcher of Sands picking up a Quadra Kill to close out the game

Game 2: Mineski vs Rigel

Overreaching and weaknesses

In Rigel's second foray to the regional stage, the chinks in their armor that were not exploited on the local stage were laid bare by Philippine's Mineski.

Though Mineski dictated the pace of the game and made faster rotations then Rigel, Rigel managed to keep their losses small with objective trading. However, they were punished for pushing this too far in the mid lane, trying to down towers. They were collapsed on with a brilliantly timed 2 prong flank by Mineski that cut down Rigel 4 for 1 with their Top laner Revive and Mid Cralix straggling to make it to the teamfight.

A Baron call from Rigel (capitalizing off 2 picks) sealed the game for Mineski. Some mispositioning in the Baron pit led to Exosen's Ekko picking up a quadrakill and a Baron steal which Mineski used alongside their gold lead to barrel down the bottom lane with a gargantuan Nautilus to close out the game.

Cralix ignored as Mineski go for the Nexus

Game 3: Fortius vs. Mineski


In the bloodiest game so far this GPL, both teams came in with a very clear game plan: Bot lane focus.

Fortius and Mineski came out swinging with both teams constantly teamfighting in the bottom lane. From early skirmishes to full on 5v5's, Fortius gradually used small advantages to pull the game solidly in their favor, calling Mineski on every attempt to find picks and their counter-engage composition. However, a Baron steal from Exosen with his Wild Cards kept Mineski in the game.

The game winning catch on to Exosen

Ultimately, Fortius still had Mineski's number and every attempt at making a pick or a split push with Twisted Fate backfired completely. Exosen's attempts at split pushing was punished at every turn by Fortius, ultimately losing his team the game.

Game 4: Kuala Lumpur Hunters vs. Rigel

Dive Buddies


From the draft phase, it was apparent that Kuala Lumpur Hunters put a high priority on lane control, enabling Qaspiel to play aggressively. Qaspiel played towards his strong side of the map, snowballing off the aggressive lane matchup in the top lane, with full knowledge that the mid lane would have roam priority. Though the bottom lane of Ciela and Arkane tried their best to keep Rigel in the game by trading kills and turrets, with the Top side focus of KLH it just was not enough.

Kuala Lumpur Hunters dive into the Rigel base to close out the game

There were times where it looked like Rigel looked to be pulling back (even with a Baron steal from cyh). However, it was not enough as the teamwork between Shiro and Qaspiel decimated Rigel's backline in multiple fights, eventually winning them the game.

Game 5: Rigel vs. Fortius


Both teams employed stylistically different drafts: Rigel opting for a heavy split push team composition while Fortius built a team comp meant for teamfighting. For once it looked like all of Rigel were on comfort picks and this showed from Rigel's bottom lane, completely bullying out the bottom lane of Chuper and Rofens netting solo kills multiple times.

Rigel executed on their split push rather sloppily but the raw aggression coming in from Ciela kept them able to maintain, and even eke out a growing gold lead.

The turnaround: RG gets outplayed by Beyond


Sadly, one botched play threw it all away. Beyond managed to burst Ciela in the jungle, and with the main carry of Rigel down, Mineski collapsed on RG for a 5 for 0 Ace as well as Baron.

With the huge gold swing and Baron Buff; Mineski were able to turn the game around. Keeping up the pressure, Minseki managed to get a second Baron and Elder Dragon, ending the game.

Quadra Kill by Beyond in a dive beyond the Nexus

Game 6: Kuala Lumpur Hunters vs. Mineski

Filipino Sniper

The closest game in the GPL thus far. KLH opted for a no tank, strong teamfighting composition with huge amounts of zone control against Mineski that went for a very pick heavy team composition.

After a close early game, KLH controlled the mid game with smart invades from Qaspiel and well executed Ultimate combos allowing CO4 to weave his way through teamfights. With a misplayed teamfight from KLH, Mineski aced the Malaysian players and took Baron. Using Baron Buff, they cracked their way into the base of the Hunters. Off this comeback, Mineski made brilliant catches onto Qaspiel and ArrHedge to close out the game.

With all 3 of the top teams dropping games against each other, and Rigel looking for a shot at redemption, Day 2 of the Garena Premier League should not be missed. Catch all the action at!