GPL Legendary/Esports Mystery Skin Multiplier!12.04.2017

The Garena Premier League (GPL) begins today! Before we turn our attentions to the grand stage in Manila, Philippines, there are some things you need to know if you wanna get Legendary skins!

On top of the Legendary Axes promotion, a special multiplier promotion will be put into effect specially just for you! How it works: Whenever Kuala Lumpur Hunters or Rigel record a victory at GPL, the team will trigger the Legendary/eSports multiplier! The multiplier will stay up until 11:59 PM, 18 April 2017.


In just a few more hours, the best teams from Southeast Asia are going to face head to head to claim the right to represent the SEA region at the upcoming League of Legends Mid-Season Invitationals at Brazil!

Support your national team as they aim to make history at the Garena Premier League Spring 2017!


Singapore and Malaysia share the same server. Does that mean we will share the wins for the multiplier?

Yes. Malaysia and Singapore will both contribute to the server's multipliers. Although the wins do not stack on top of each other, the multiplier does take into consideration which team managed the best result overall.

As an example:

  • If MY wins 1 game and SG wins 0 game, the server gets 2x multiplier
  • If MY wins 1 game and SG wins 1 game, the server gets 2x multiplier
  • If MY wins 2 games and SG wins 1 game, the server gets 3x multiplier

*Wins do not stack but highest number of wins will be prioritized for server

Is there a maximum number of wins for each country?

Yes. The multiplier stacks to a maximum of 4 times (3 wins).

Does the Multiplier have an effect on Hextech Chests loot?

No. The Skin Multiplier applies to Mystery Skin purchases or gifts only.