Key Players from LCM Promotional Series09.01.2018

With LCM Spring 2018 Promotional Series drawing to a close, four teams have managed to overcome their adversaries and make it into the group stage. The remaining LCM teams are Fire Dragoon, Allegiance, Fantastic Gaming and Climax.


All teams have their respective stars that shine in the darkest times, here are our best picks from LCM Promotional Series!


Fire Dragoon

The Dragoons faltered in TLC Summer 2017 but they have re-emerged in the Promotional Series with their guns blazing and their gears in overdrive. With the team punching through the brackets sporting their new roster, two of their players stepped up and delivered the much needed killing blow.



  • Tee “Xeno” Chen Yen | SUPPORT

Previously Nirvana Gaming’s superstar support, Xeno’s performance within the fire nation has sparked flares across Runeterra. His aggressive playstyle as a playmaking support is a force to reckon with. His understanding of the limits of his team allows him to pull the trigger without hesitation when an opportunity arises, sending the enemy team into turmoil and nailing his team a winning fight.


  • Jonathan “Xare” Chan | MID LANER

From the jungle to the mid-lane, Xare is Fire Dragoon’s new archmage and he has certainly shown why he owns the lane. Thriving on control mages such as Azir, Malzahar and Taliyah, he never misses a chance to flaunt some style and net a kill for himself. Aside from winning the lane, his utilization of his champion’s utility always catches his opponents off-guard and sends them to the graveyard.



Allegiance assembled a squad of rookies and campus stars and they quickly made a name for themselves on the rift for their hyper-aggressive maneuvers and dare-deviling executions. They have certainly earned their spot in the group stage, so their stars should also deserve a special mention on our list!


  • Soon “Scorp” Zhen Suan | TOP LANER

If there is one top laner that carries a kill button wherever he goes, it’s Scorp. Despite taking on this role, his previous aggression as a jungler has never faded. He is constantly looking for window of opportunities to make gnarly plays or to upset the lane equilibrium as a split pusher. With his fury as a duelist, his enemies are sure to tremble in fear upon hearing his name.


  • Noel “Cres” Tan | JUNGLER

What’s better than one aggressor? Two aggressors! Cres (a.k.a Taeyoo, Plastered Smiles or Scoop) stepped up as the jungler and he immediately  became the guy you hope you will never run into. Known for playing carry type junglers, he is always on the thrill of hunt to scout out his preys and turn their screens grey. One thing is for sure, you can run but you can never hide from Cres!


Fantastic Gaming

Fantastic Gaming put up a fantastic performance in the Promotional Series by qualifying for the LCM Group Stage through the lower brackets. A mixture of pros and young talents, this team is ready to enter the warzone and wreak havoc across the battlefield and one of their players stand out as the rising star.


Photo taken from Fantastic Gaming official Facebook

  • Jason “Neko” Chong | TOP LANER

They say cats have nine lives, so does Neko. Famous for his unparalleled Darius, Neko has definitely shown substantial growth in the game through his sporting of a wide champion pool and maintaining his oppressive playstyle in the lane. A solid laner that never fails to hold his on, he’s not afraid to take on any challenges that come his way as he set his eyes on victory.


Climax joined the legion of professional teams in TLC Summer 2017. Despite finishing in 7th place last split, their reformed roster has definitely shown positive results. From the dumps of the past to the climax of the present, this team is looking towards a resurgence to prove themselves that they too deserve their rightful spot in the scene, but not without their rising veteran.


  • Wong “Weigor” Zhe Wei | SUPPORT


The support and the backbone of Climax, Weigor is as impressive as his name implies. His support playstyle revolves around protecting his team without any hesitation even if he ends up sacrificing his life. His growth has been a clear reflection of his potential as a player and his team will definitely surge onwards with him as the guardian.