LCM Challenger Series: 2nd qualifiers NOW OPEN!23.12.2017


It's a wrap for the 1st Challenger Series Qualifiers! We're now opening registration for the 2nd Challenger Series Qualifiers which will be held next weekend!


Some links to take note of:




  • Date: 30 December

  • Time: 11am onwards

  • Format: Online Qualifiers | Best of 1 - Single Elimination


  • Team Requirement: At least 60% Malaysian citizenship - LCM Group Stages will be held offline where players must be present at the gaming venue.

  • Rank Requirement: Platinum III and above in Season 7 for all team members (Solo Rank)

  • Subs Requirement: Max no. of 3 Substitute players can be listed for each team


Each team that manages to climb into the Top 6 for both qualifiers will receive RM300, but more importantly qualify into LCM Promotional Series.

  • Prize Pool: RM1,800 per qualifier

    • 1st Place - RM 1,000

    • 2nd Place - RM 500

    • 3rd Place -  RM 300

  • Top 12 Advance: The Top 6 teams from both qualifiers will progress to LCM Promotional Series

*NOTE: If your team is eliminated in Qualifier 1, you may rejoin Qualifier 2 for a second chance. However, you may not rejoin Qualifier 2 if you have already qualified for LCM Promotional Series via Qualifier 1.


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