LCM Challenger Series: Registrations for Platinum III and above!20.12.2017


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Welcome to the League of Legends Championship Malaysia (LCM)! The LCM Challenger Series is the first step for Malaysian players to make their grade in our national league format.


Find out more on the Road to LCM Spring 2018 here


From Challenger Series, the players will have to go through the Promotional Series before competing as one of Malaysia’s elite teams in the Group Stages.



All LCM Challenger Series matches will be played online and will be held concurrently during two separate qualifiers.

  • Date: 23 December & 30 December (2 Qualifiers)

  • Time: 11am onwards

  • Format: Online Qualifiers | Best of 1 - Single Elimination


  • Team Requirement: At least 60% Malaysian citizenship - LCM Group Stages will be held offline where players must be present at the gaming venue.

  • Rank Requirement: Platinum III and above in Season 7 for all team members (Solo Rank)

  • Subs Requirement: Max no. of 3 Substitute players can be listed for each team



Each team that manages to climb into the Top 6 for both qualifiers will receive RM300, but more importantly qualify into LCM Promotional Series.

  • Prize Pool: RM1,800 per qualifier

    • 1st Place - RM 1,000

    • 2nd Place - RM 500

    • 3rd Place -  RM 300

  • Top 12 Advance: The Top 6 teams from both qualifiers will progress to LCM Promotional Series

*NOTE: If your team is eliminated in Qualifier 1, you may rejoin Qualifier 2 for a second chance. However, you may not rejoin Qualifier 2 if you have already qualified for LCM Promotional Series via Qualifier 1.


The Top 6 professional teams from the previous split of The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia: Summer 2017 and Top 2 teams from Legacy Series will be automatically seeded into the LCM Promotional Series and Group Stages accordingly.

The following teams will not participate in the qualifiers:-

  1. Kuala Lumpur Hunters

  2. Geek Fam (Formerly Eternity Esports)

  3. Nirvana Gaming

  4. Orange Esports

  5. Fire Dragoon (LCM Promotional Series)

  6. 4moD (LCM Promotional Series)

  7. Legacy Series | Top 2 (LCM Promotional Series)

 *Legacy Series Top 2 teams are determined after Comic Fiesta Finals on Sunday, 17 December 2017.