Legacy Series Finale: Legacy Forged!20.12.2017


Washed Up Mid lift Legacy Series title!


Legacy Series 2017 has drawn its curtains at Fallout Gaming City and it was an absolute bloodbath between Washed Up Mid (WUM), Circular Motion (CM) and Nothing To Lose 2.0 (NTL). After the dust had settled , it was WUM who lifted trophy and secure themselves an automatic qualification slot into the LCM Promotional Series.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane to reminisce the most notable moments from the tournament!



The winner’s bracket of the semifinals saw rookie squad CM pitted against tournament favorites WUM. The series quickly turned into a bloodbath as the drafting phase was all about Taeyoo and SiuWongCi with countless targeted bans being locked in. Taeyoo’s Lee Sin showed up as the early game playmaker whilst Sagi’s Zoe slipped through CM’s defense and put them to sleep.


Even with Lee Sin banned, Taeyoo’s Graves was the end of the line for CM as his aggressive ganks left no breathing room for CM to recuperate. Jade’s Draven also opened the gates to the League of Draven with some fancy footwork and a legendary streak, sealing the series and propelling them into the grand finals.


With CM knocked down into the loser’s bracket, they had one last shot at redemption with NTL in their way. NTL’s Swak demonstrated his swag and NoirEtBlanc lived up to his legacy as they put the team on their back to storm past CM’s lineup with the duo’s  gnarly plays on his Gnar and Ezreal respectively. CM refused to go down without taking a game but the mistake of letting Zoe through the ban phase put a smile on KSienz’s face as he lit up the battlefield with the Aspect of Twilight. Despite both teams adapting to each other, NTL came out superior as KSienz put CM to sleep and NTL proceeded into the grand finals.


The grand finals was an explosion of pure skills and spectacular teamplay from both NTL and WUM. With both teams already securing a spot in the upcoming LCM Promotionals, their goal was to claim the tournament trophy for pride and a bit of bragging rights. WUM showed superiority in their execution while NTL did the same to keep up with their opponent’s pace. With a shot at revenge after being previously knocked down into the lower bracket by WUM, NTL channeled their vengeance into their macro-play, pulling themselves back from the brink of defeat and even making a comeback in the opening game of the series.


However, WUM kicked their gear up a couple of notches and started to brute force their way past NTL’s platoon, amping up their aggression and constantly slaying NTL’s lineup whenever they see a window of opportunity. The series pushed to a final game and WUM showed no signs of slowing down, choking NTL slowly and shattering their morale. Despite countless valiant efforts from NTL, KatoMegumi’s Yorick dug the final championship grave and claimed the champion’s spot for WUM as NTL settled for second.


The Legacy Series not only brought hype to the League of Legends scene in Malaysia, but also some impressive individual talents that have painted Runeterra with their prowess. These two candidates might just be the ones that you guys have to watch out for going into LCM Promotionals!


Washed Up Mid: Taeyoo


WUM’s Taeyoo already made waves starting from the qualifiers as the jungler for the team. Renowned for his hyper-aggressive playstyle and carry type jungler picks, he displayed extreme understanding of assassination and dueling as he is often able to create massive leads for his team through ganks and invades.


Taeyoo’s fearless playstyle also allows him to dive into the enemy ranks for a pickoff and he definitely wouldn’t mind risking his own life if it means killing the enemy carries. Although unable to solo carry on his jungle picks, his shotcalling alongside the coordination from his teammates make him a formidable foe to go up against!


Nothing To Lose 2.0: Swak


Coming from a background of a pro-player, NTL’s Swak was a star in the top lane. With clear intent on dueling, picks such as Jayce and Trundle were his go-to-champions for the night.

Swak’s confidence to duel the enemy top laner and his ability to sustain himself and create his own lead allowed his team to have rooms to breathe and scale even when they are at a deficit. So when push comes to shove, Swak is the man to lift the team up!


Thank you to all summoners that attended the event and we hope that you all enjoyed it! We would also like to express our utmost gratitude to Armaggeddon and Fallout Gaming for making the Legacy Series happen!


We’ll see you all at the LCM Promotionals!