Legacy Series: Make the plays this September 16!05.09.2017

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Hey Summoners,


Recently we opened our registrations for Legacy Series, an open amateur tournament for League of Legends designed to challenge Casual or Ranked players to participate in Organized Play a.k.a competitive tournaments.


There are many different ways to play League from the client, but none as exciting as forming teams with friends, creating team bonds side-by-side and winning attractive non-game rewards: Cash.


Ready to create your own legacy? Head over to the official Legacy Series website to sign up!


What is Legacy Series?


In the past, Garena Malaysia had introduced more than just a few grassroot tournaments such as Weekend Cup, Syndicate Cup, Midnight Cup and Sendiri Cup. These tournaments played a crucial role by implanting a competitive spirit within our players and more importantly, it gave the players a reason to compete as a team.


Legacy Series aims to replicate a similar vibe for players but at the same time, rectify one problem that was shared by the tournaments mentioned above: Competitiveness in the long run.


How does Legacy Series fill in the void?


Following the rebranding of League of Legends Championship Malaysia (LCM), Malaysia’s professional league will be allocating two wildcard slots into LCM Promotionals for the Top 2 Legacy Series teams - Champion and 1st Runners-Up.


This serves to fill in the void and eliminates the lack of progress for the winning teams of our previous grassroot tournaments who were often caught in a stalemate.


On top of that, Legacy Series boasts an RM 35,000 prize pool for the amateur level which gives players an opportunity to earn more than just in-game rewards. The more you win, the more your team gains.  


What are the restrictions, if any?


Legacy Series is an open tournament that provides a path into the professional lane via two wildcard slots.


As an Open Tournament: All Malaysian players are allowed to register a team of 5-7 players according their state qualifiers. To instill fairness across all states, your team is not allowed to join other state qualifiers unless it fulfills the 60% player-state requirement.


For example, if your team consists of 3 players from Johor and 2 players from Kelantan, you team is only allowed to register for the Johor qualifiers.

For non-Malaysians, please provide your proof of residency to show that you reside in that state.

If you are a non-Malaysian who studies in Malaysia, please provide your student ID.


As a Path into Pro: Legacy Series will eventually meet the Pro Teams. Thus, the Top 8 Pro teams and its players from the previous split will not be allowed to participate in Legacy Series as they are currently under a player contract until November 2017.


How can I register?


Legacy Series qualifiers will be held across Malaysia! Be hurry and secure your slot at your respective state qualifier venues from now until 15 September, 2017!


To sign up now, click here to redirected to the registration page!