[MY] Road to TLC Malaysia Summer 2017!21.04.2017

Lo and behold, fellow summoners! The Legends Circuit (TLC) Summer 2017 is coming your way and this time it's going to bigger, better and stronger! This is the time when we gather all of our trained, professional local players to compete in a bid to win outstanding prizes and the grand opportunity to play at an international level. There are a few changes to this season's TLC. Some of the highlights include:

Road to Worlds

The winning team of the upcoming TLC will be representing their country in the GPL Summer. The entry to Wildcard and Worlds is at stake at the GPL Summer, so there's more push for the team to try and clinch the golden ticket!

Change in Entry Requirement

To make it fair to all players this season, an additional prerequisite for participants will be imposed: Players who intend to join this upcoming TLC Summer 2017 must be at least be ranked at Platinum 3 in the current season.

The Challenger Series where the teams will compete to qualify to the next stage will be held twice two separate weeks - 30th April 2017 & 7th May 2017. More details will be provided on the prizes and format as we move closer to the tournament dates, so stay tuned! In the meantime, buck your teams up and start practicing and planning your strategies. We will see you very soon!