[MY] TLC Quarterfinals: Dream KLH & SW final still intact07.03.2017

The top teams from The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia came out to play during the weekend and there were plenty of talking points to take note of as we edge closer to the grand finals.

TL;DR The two tournament favorites, Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) and Swestic (SW) march on to the semifinals with a potential dream final still on the cards. Elsewhere, there was no shortage of surprises from newcomers TWICE and JNJ Esports deserved an honorable mention as well.



We all know how KLH dominated the tournament last season, but there was a round of applause when Swestic ended their unbeaten streak in the semifinals. That respect is given to JNJ Esports, who exposed KLH' weakest link to claim a healthy and early advantage in Game 2 of the series. Emotion and Timber combining well to secure two early kills over KLH Top Laner, Shiro and it wasn't long before they secured a healthy 4-0 lead.

The match snowballed hard for JNJ as the game ended 27-10 in favour of the Penang team and the series was locked 1-1 at that point. Regardless, the match eventually fell back in the hands of KLH but Game 4 saw JNJ go head-to-head till the very end before eventually conceding defeat. Nevertheless, we're confident that this will not be the last we hear of the JNJ Esports players in the future. 



A repeat of the Lenovo League of Champions MY final between two seasonal teams in TLC. Unfortunately, the ORG players from last split's grand finalists team Dulcett Essence failed to rejuvenate the ORG name. Time and time again, Swestic seem to be making the headlines - and the right plays - as they went on 3-0 against one of their main rivals in Malaysia.

Perhaps Swestic learned a few new tricks when representing Malaysia in Thailand? Whatever the case, the KL/Selangor giants will be heading into a tough semifinal encounter against TWICE.



My oh my, arguably the biggest surprise from the quarterfinals. Selangor Cyber Games champion, Mineski-X suffered an early exit at the hands of newcomers TWICE. In case you missed it, MSKI was automatically disqualified for Game 1 following a breach of TLC rules and regulations in their last match prior to the quarterfinals.

Regardless, the odds were still placed on the SCG champions to get a win being that it was a Best of 5 format. As we know now, TWICE wore their underdog tags with pride and stormed their opponents from the get-go to eventually secure a spot in the semifinals for the first time. With a bit of luck on their side, perhaps TWICE can miraculously conjure up a solid performance against Swestic, who have been tipped to go all the way into the finals.