[MY] TLC Quarterfinals: FDG make short work of DM03.03.2017

In the first round of The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia Quarter-finals, Fire Dragoon (FDG) extended their recent fine form by comfortably sweeping aside Dank Memes (DM) 3-1 to move into the semifinals, next week.

Following FDG's late arrival to the venue due to unusual circumstances, the KL-Selangor side were forced to concede Game 1 in their Bo5 matchup against the newcomers. 


Regardless, the early deficit did little to shake the confidence of the Group A leaders. In Game 2, DM Jae inflicted the most damage throughout the game but it was the performances of FDG Wicked and Cutest Vita that stole the show. As the game went on, both teams were pretty much level in terms of overall kill scores but FDG's ability to push for objectives created openings and ultimately made the difference.

The cutest show continued in Game 3, as FDG demolished DM 29-7 courtesy of Cutest Vita's undying run of 14 kills and 10 assists. For more entertaining plays, look out for FDG Wynter's impressive jukes in and out of the bush as Zed while a disgruntled Xerath fails to make him pay. 

It was more of the same in Game 4 as Dank Memes' run in TLC ended on a sour note. Regardless, DM were outplayed against an FDG side holding nothing back in this quarterfinal fixture. With that wrapped up, FDG will move ahead to face either JnJ eSports or reigning champions, Kuala Lumpur Hunters in the semifinals.