ORS Snatcher | The High Roller11.07.2017



In the Summer Split of The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia 2017, it seems Orange Esports has found the right group of players in Swestic to make a mark in the local League of Legends scene following their qualification into the Playoffs.


During the Group Stages, ORS endured a comfortable journey as they finished in second place after five weeks of action. However, despite ORS winning 10 game victories in total, the runners-up of last season only managed to win 2-0 in only three of their seven group stage matches.


In case you didn't know (about the two-game series format), a 2-0 win is worth 3 points whereas a 1-1 draw is worth only 1 point for your team. Even more interesting, ORS only managed a 2-0 result against TWICE, 4MoD and Fire Dragoon - all of which who are sitting outside of the Top 4 this year.




According to ORS captain, Ben 'Snatcher' Leow, his side has been taking risks and experimenting with different strategies to ensure ORS are prepared for all outcomes. Snatcher adds that he and his teammates will take in what they have learned from group stages and dive into the Playoffs with a whole new mindset.

"The reason we didn't manage to win both games was mainly because we were trying out new composition with and players. One thing is for sure, the teams in TLC are much better than last year.


"My team hopes to improve on game sense and knowledge, mechanics, prepare more team compositions and train our synergy." he added.




In the playoffs, Snatcher and co. will be meeting Eternity Esports (eE), Nirvana Gaming (NvG) and Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) en route to the grand finals. Asked on what Snatcher's thoughts were on the upcoming battle, the prolific Jungler shared his thoughts on the competition.


"My team and I will try our best to win against the reigning champions as we know that KLH is going to Korea for a month-long boot camp. They will definitely become stronger so it is quite exciting to see their progress and where we stand against each other.


"On that note, eE's performance has been exceptional as they dominated most of the TLC teams. Meanwhile, NvG wasn't that strong and are not as solid compared to eE. We are definitely ell, eE will be bigger threat.




For the past two seasons, the former Swestic team have risen up to become a frontrunner for TLC thanks to the massive presence of Jerell ‘Rexion’ Wong in Top Lane. Praised by his captain, all eyes are expected to be on Rexion when the TLC Playoffs begin at the end of the month.


“Rexion has improved the most this season compared to the rest. It is because he proved that although Fiora and Olaf (his signature champions) were banned, he is still able to use other Top Lane champions to handle and often dominate the opposing laner.


“Rexion has worked extremely hard to widen his champion pool which is good for the team to draft several team compositions to fit most situations.