Playoff Season is Here!18.08.2017

Playoff season is here and teams from all over the world are all gearing up to fight a chance to compete in the World Championships 2017 held in China. These few weeks are going to be jam packed with action and we decided to compile all the playoffs dates in one simple calendar for you.


With all that's about to go down, we spoke with local eSports enthusiast and streamer WevHez for a quick discussion on the remaining teams in question as they head into battle. 

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)

We start with the best region in the World. SKT has already started their miracle run, taking out Afreeca Freecs and Samsung Galaxy. As of publish, SKT has yet to face KT Rolster once again in their Telecom War. If either team wins the LCK Championship, the other will automatically qualify for Worlds due to Championship points. The remaining spot will then be contested via the Gauntlet later on. However, Longzhu is no slouch as well and expect Khan and PraY to play out of their minds for that Pool 1 Seed.

SKT vs KT starts 19 August, 4PM GMT+8.

Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL)

We move West to the host region of Worlds 2017.  Things are still very uncertain as of now as LPL has yet to complete their Group stages yet. However, the noteworthy teams are still EDG and Team WE. Couple their strengths with the meta and you get an unstoppable team charging down the mid lane to end your misery. 

The LPL Regular Season ends on 20 August. Playoffs start 22 Aug, 2PM GMT+8


League of Legends Master Series (LMS)

Moving South to the LMS region, it is noteworthy that Flash Wolves have already qualified for Worlds due to circuit points and are now simply competing for the Pool 1 Seed. J Team and AHQ are the teams to watch here as RG’s only working strategy has been cracked. AHQ has a huge advantage over J Team due to the meta changes but J Team’s latest addition of Rest in the top lane will look to change things. Flash Wolves have also looked a little under the weather, losing BO3 series to both HKA and M17 due to the nature of the current meta. Karsa doesn’t perform well on tanks and MMD is also having his fair share of problems. This is one split that the Champions of LMS is not as clear cut as before.

JT vs AHQ starts 18 August, 3PM GMT+8


European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS)

Like the LPL, the top teams in EU are stacked in Group A. G2 and FNC are strong contenders to meeting at the Finals. FNC has finally found its form after a disappointing Spring while G2 has started to lag behind, not performing as the 5-man unit they were at MSI 2017. Group B’s H2K feels like a close 3rd in terms of power ranking but will have to improve their macro play if they hope to have any chance at grabbing that Pool 1 Seed.

UoL vs MSF starts 19 August, 11PM GMT+8

North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS)

After a convincing win against EULCS at Rift Rivals, TSM and IMT look to be strong contenders to represent NA at Worlds with CLG coming up close. While the world is familiar with TSM, I believe the strongest team in NA is IMT due to their synergy and ability to play the map instead of always relying on mechanics to outplay their opponent. CLG too, has always been quick to understanding and exploiting the meta. If they do so again during the playoffs, they could make a good run in the playoffs.

C9 vs DIG starts 20 August, 3AM GMT+8


Garena Premier League (GPL)

Moving closer to home, champions from all around the region will compete in Bangkok for 2 spots at Worlds. Naturally, all eyes are on Vietnam’s Gigabyte Marines who made a statement at this year’s MSI 2017 and are expected to take the GPL Championship. However, the 2nd team is a difficult question. Besides Vietnam’s YG, ASC, KLH and RSG look to be strong contenders to the Play-in Seed. Singapore’s representative RSG looks to overcome a few bumps ahead as they make some roster changes due to Raven and Revive not being able to participate in the current GPL season.

RSG vs TME starts 21 August, 12PM GMT+8

For more details on exactly how teams are able to qualify for Worlds 2017, feel free to read How Do Team Qualify for Worlds 2017?