[SG] Meet Your SGCL A Div Quarterfinalists!07.06.2017

As we are well into the B Division Quarterfinals now, it’s about time we officially introduce our A Division Quarterfinalists to you! The A Division qualifiers are done a little differently from B Division, where we held qualifiers for each of the individual polytechnics as well as a Wildcard Qualifier for the remaining tertiary institutions. The stakes are also much higher as the collegiate champion of SGCL will then go on to represent Singapore in the League of Legends International Collegiate Championships (LICC).

As such, we’ve roused the best team from each polytechnic as well as a representative from both a Junior College as well as a University this time. Without further ado, here are your 8 A Division Quarterfinalists!


The team representing Institute of Technical Education (ITE) hails from the College West branch and boasts a familiar face - Marco ‘Penguinn’ Ngooi, previously of Team Sovereign fame. Clawing their way up from the Loser Bracket during the offline ITE qualifiers, this team is the only A Division team who managed to beat the leaders of their Winner Bracket to emerge victorious despite dropping one game initially. With their tenacity and grit, will they be able to put on a strong performance this weekend?


This team from Ngee Ann Polytechnic might seem familiar to the loyal followers of SGCL as we see four members from last season try their hand again at aiming for the title of collegiate champions. With some reshuffling of roles and the addition of new members (FL Ares being a very notable addition to their team) in hopes of revitalizing their gameplay, it seems like Team NP is ready to put up a strong fight.

This team from National University of Singapore (NUS) is making history in SGCL as the first university team to make it into Quarterfinals. Team NUS looks to blow apart the age old adage that gamers are unable to study, as well as the fact that girls can’t play competitively. Truly a team that breaks stereotypes, it’ll be exciting to see how far they can go.

Deemed as the team that all the A Division teams want to avoid, the star studded roster of Nanyang Polytechnic seems like a truly fearsome sight to behold. With well-known players like Brax, Orbicquak (Orbic), and ScarletPetal, all eyes will be on them as they try to live up to the other teams’ predictions of NYP being the most likely to emerge as the SGCL champions.

Republic Polytechnic gave us our classic rag-to-riches fairytale last season as they defied all odds to become the collegiate champions last year. With an entirely new roster representing Republic Polytechnic this year (although Aoi was a part of Team RP for a short stint last year), will they be able to bring back the championship title for the second year running?


We like to emphasise that SGCL is a journey, and what better encapsulates that than Sherwin’s journey from being part of the B Division Champion team to the captain of an entirely new team in an entirely new role? It’s time for him to take the kiddy gloves off now as he gets ready to tango the big boys as part of the new Singapore Polytechnic team.


After Temasek Polytechnic’s fall from grace last year despite being hailed the most likely to win SGCL, will this new roster be able to pick up the pieces and forge a name for themselves as the true collegiate champions? Rumoured to have been training since the start of the year in preparation for SGCL, it will be interesting to see how their games play out as Arykelic (undoubtedly one of the most feared midlaners in SGCL) sets to dominate.


The only Junior College to make it into the A Division Quarterfinals, this team is no stranger to SGCL as they field two members from Victoria School (Hermit and Rebelle - previously HUMP LORD). Despite being knocked out in the B Division Quarterfinals last year, this time they are more experienced, more prepared, and more than ready to prove themselves and show everyone what they’ve got.


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