[SG] Will Ang Mo Kio's Dream Stay Alive? 05.06.2017


Our campus league got off to a flying start as we saw soaring numbers tune in over the weekend. The matches seemed to proceed largely as what was predicted by our resident prophet poros, as the teams that received overwhelming support from our community mainly went on to win their Best-of-3.



If you missed the action, fret not, you can check out all the VODs at our SGCL microsite.


As the dust settles, all eyes turn to the matches on 6 June, as the two matches played on that day decide which school will get eliminated from SGCL and which school will still get to keep their dream alive and try again at a second shot for the B Division Semifinals. Following the rules of double elimination, each school can only afford to drop one match as their second loss would guarantee their elimination and the end of their SGCL journey.


For the four schools: Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, Bukit Batok Secondary School, Hong Kah Secondary, and Westwood Secondary School, it’s their last chance to stay in the game. For Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, can it spell redemption for them? Previously faced against Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) on Saturday, they seemed to be the only match up that the prophet poros were unsure of. All other predictions had a clear cut favourite (more than 85% of our prophet poros voted for a particular school) but Ang Mo Kio managed to nab a quarter of the votes for themselves despite being faced against one of the Top 3 candidates to get into the Finals (according to the Who’s Your Champ predictions from our very own M1 Pickem).


Could it just have been offline nerves that unsettled our Ang Mo Kio students? They’ve come a long way - from strangers in the same school who barely knew each other to teammates who train and fight alongside each other, will Tuesday’s match spell the end of their journey? As expectations ran high, it might have just been performance anxiety on the part of these young students. Although most people expected NutCracker (a Challenger in our local scene) to carry Ang Mo Kio to victory, did that extra attention actually harm more than encourage?


Tune in to http://bit.ly/SGCLLive at 3PM on Jun 6 to find out if they’ll get another chance at redemption (much like G2 in MSI).




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